Sound Plasticity and Gestural Sound Forms

Roy F Guzman 2015-2016-2017


This project is based on the idea of trying to create a new art where you try to create plasticity in the sound medium. The idea of making a temporal medium perceived as plastic, as non-temporal material, as a sculpture, is hypothetically related to the idea of unifying two complexes of reality, the matter described in a solid form, taking the definition implanted in my thesis: "A thesis on _____." Where it is explained that the solids or matter are only an approximation, an integration, a window of analysis that due to our perceptual limits is captured as a color or a solid that leads to the idea of "sound" obtaining plastic qualities, the sound being a fundamental complex and an abstraction of our reality in relation to pressures of air and pulses having two constructs: the frequency as a definition or any other definition not related to morphological gestures, this means definitions not related to the dynamism of sound. Sound constructs or this colors/solids described by a theory I developed in my investigations through the limits of eidetic perception of consciousness that makes these friction of consciousness and its limits or boundaries become another infinite dimension of colors and perceptual objects converting the sound into construct forms or objects of limited-definitions.


Taking into consideration that these two concepts, solid and temporal, frequency and morphology are, in a hypothetical theoretical way, human-centric complexes and constructs to describe the reality, we then try to deconstruct an enormous amount of constructs and laws of physics, or as I like to say, geometrized lies that become truths in our physical world, using new perceptual constructs that are in the limit of reality regarding consciousness and awareness in order to unify and create a new form, a new sound matter, a new plastic sound. The conceptual gestation of this art could inspire other individuals, scientists and researchers from other branches to perhaps deconstruct reality using poetic and aesthetic politics as well as the perception and research of human-centric reality by means of logic.


A sound system called "The Chuito Cube" is now used. This cube is made up of 14 speakers that create a cubic shape so that you can play sound shapes with an algorithmic system to spatialize sounds as well as to create sound shapes in three-dimensional space. Several formations will be explored with various configurations of this system as it is one of the series of sound plasticity that tries to take as an idea the concept of the form of presentation of a painting and the perceptual conditioning in the spectator that conditions the art to be perceived in one way or another by constructs of a conditioned nature in such a way that the reality is manipulated and one manages to acquire another reality. The section of the investigation of gestural sonorous forms is based on a new and dynamic aesthetic of plasticity in sound that takes into account morphological changes and a rupture of a homeomorphic topology described in static sound forms. This means that the sound forms can change their characteristics while the time is rendered by our perceptual apparatus.


This new idea was evoked from the image of a sound sphere that is divided into many particles that dissolves in space and then reconstructs its main form. These dynamics will be achieved by many sound sources that interact in space creating the perceived form at that moment. This atomic thought of gestural sonorous forms is immanent of the definition and concept of sound forms and composition of fields by the multiple ranges that have to be filled with sound sources to achieve the illusion. Now, this atomic gesture will create a dense homeomorphic mass and then destroy itself as an example of the extremes of these dynamics specified as the basis for later achieving other gestural sonorous forms in space. It is possible to achieve and expose other possibilities of malleability of the gestures as achieving that the mass is divided in [n] numbers of particles creating a dynamic similar to that of the cellular process called mitosis where a mass is divided into two parts and grow independently achieving an expansion of its area or mass. The possibilities are endless and this is motivation to start.