Roy F. Guzmán

Composer of electro-acoustic and instrumental music, improviser, guitarist, multi-media artist, poet, plastic sound sculptor and activist. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 28 June 1987. He attended the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico.  He further his studies in Berklee College of Music and later on went to study in The Netherland computer-music and composition with Richard Barrett and Paul Berg.  His independent research thesis is about Chaos Theory and Structuralism in order to understand beauty and how this synthesis can be used to create musical works. His musical and artistic work are in the fields of electro-acoustic music, algorithmic music as well as instrumental composition. He has released a series of chaotic generative electronic music albums: The Latin Kings, [h] and _____ were he explores the aesthetics that is derived from Chaos. He is the creator "El Cubo de Chuito", a spatialisation system made to create plasticity in sound as well as spatial gestures. He is the creator of Integral Poetry and Concrete Multi Semiotic Poetry.