Live Electronics


Relational Synthesis insturment by Roy F Guzman.

Guitar improvisation dealing with geometries in structure.





Function León

An algorithmic chaotically driven micro sound experiment that showcase the function y = (1sin(x*0.1/f*1.1)*(10cos(sin(sin(2pi*x*y)*x*cos(y*1pi)*g to drive the selection of buffers using DCS-Dynamic Chaotic Synthesis sounds creating dynamics from low entropy micro sound structures to high entropy micro sound structures.


(Chaotic derived algorithmic music. 
An investigation on this spectrum of applications of chaotic functions in search of beautiful proportions and structural arrangement through a diminution of the entropy and the dynamics in music.)


8 h from f
before loosing it again
allophones sounding
after g
aitch as in eitch
silent waves
graphemes from r
serene slides
posterning baths
mush becoming


+ Guitar Piece


____  is a series of pieces created as a result of my research on _____ and chaos.

The King

A computer music album based on a series of generative algorithmic electro-acoustic pieces as an outcome of an ongoing research about chaos theory